World War II

Appeared in

The Prime Minister Has No Clothes

Date occured

Sept 1, 1939 - Sept 2, 1945

World War II was a major war that occured in Europe and in the Pacific in the early 1940s. This event is taking place in the episode "The Prime Minister Has No Clothes," and is a minor part of "Floral Patton."

In "The Prime Minister Has No Clothes,"  Time Squad visits Winston Churchill during WWII because he has convinced his whole country to be naked, including his army. His justification is that he likes to be naked, and he believes that the war is "a battle for freedom" to do whatever he wants. His armies suffer without wearing clothes, making Otto believe that England stands no chance in the war.

In "Floral Patton," Time Squad convinces George S. Patton to sign up for the army instead of being a florist.

In HistoryEdit

World War II was a battle between the Axis and the Allies, starting with Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939. Germany, Japan, and Italy wanted to extend their empires to rule their respective parts of the world, nearly defeating France and England. The Soviet Union originally had a treaty with Germany to remain neutral, but the treaty was broken by Germany later. The US joined the Allies in the war in 1941, after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The Allies won with a massive invasion of Normandy and with the atomic bomb.


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