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Where The Buffalo Bill Roams
Season 1, Episode 12b
Episode25 Title
Mission XX999
Historical Figure/Event Buffalo Bill
Time 1866
Place Kansas City, Kansas
Aired November 2, 2001
Storyboards by Rob Renzetti and Chong Suk Lee
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Instead of helping form the Pony Express, Buffalo Bill is now a crazed conspiracy theorist with his own tabloid magazine that no one reads. Time Squad tricks him into following history by convincing him to deliver his conspiracy magazine to everyone while delivering their mail.


On the satellite, Larry is frustrated with the computer system, which keeps crashing. He finds that Tuddrussel had stuck magnets over it (which scrambles computer memory), and when he calls Tuddrussel to scold him, the latter sticks magnets onto Larry to see the different effects of magnets on him. Otto arrives and gets upset at Tuddrussel when the alarm suddenly goes off. The team sees that Buffalo Bill is the next mission and departs.

Upon arriving in Kansas City, the team scares off some local people, who mistake the team for a Confederate army. Otto tells everyone that the Civil War ended last year, and is confused about why they didn’t hear about it. A man explains that nobody ever delivers mail to their town, gives the team some of his mail to deliver, and directs them to the home of the crazy Buffalo Bill.

The team goes to Buffalo Bill’s house and knocks. Bill peeks out to see who it is, but at seeing Tuddrussel’s Time Squad badge, he thinks it is the government and opens a trapdoor to his basement. After falling a great distance, the three wake up to find themselves bound together in rope while Bill tapes Tuddrussel’s and Larry’s mouths shut. Otto quickly explains that he and Time Squad are futuristic time travelers sent to help Bill, and the latter starts sharing his conspiracy theories of historical people to Otto, something that offends and infuriates him.

Bill tries to convince Time Squad of his knowledge by showing them cows that moo at a specific time, an owl that speaks in code, by going through the mayor’s trash, and howling at the moon with wolves, while Time Squad is clueless about what to do. The next morning, Bill shows them his tabloid magazine about his theories, which he keeps to himself. Otto convinces Bill that the world needs to know about his information, and asks him to deliver it around the country. Bill is excited to do so, and even agrees to deliver the country’s mail while he’s at it.



  • Each magnet in the beginning of the episode has a different effect on Larry:
  1. The pig magnet slows Larry's voice.
  2. The bananas magnet makes Larry sing "The Yankee Doodle Boy."
  3. The "World's Greatest Grandma" magnet makes Larry act like a baby.
  • Tuddrussel subscribes to "Laser Weapons Fanatic," a magazine.
  • Otto explains that the team is from the year 100 million in this episode.
  • Bill makes several strange claims:
  1. Thomas Jefferson worked with aliens
  2. A UFO is seen on a dollar bill
  3. Abraham Lincoln used a psychic third eye to make his opponent, Peter Cartwright, lose a debate.
  • The scene with Lincoln's debate against Cartwright suggests that they were both in a Presidential Debate, but they historically were just opponents for seats in Congress.