Trojan Horse
King's Gifts

Appeared in

Never Look a Trojan in the Gift Horse

Date occurred

Around 1200 BC

The Trojan Horse is the name of the strategy used by the Greeks against the Trojans during the Trojan War. This event is the focus of the mission in "Never Look a Trojan in the Gift Horse."

In the episode, the Greek army is seen pushing the Trojan Horse to the gates of Troy. Otto informs Tuddrussel that when the Trojans open the Horse, they will be attacked by the whole Greek army, and Tuddrussel admires this strategy. However, in this episode, Sinon wants the Horse to be a gift to the King of Troy, despite the fact that they are at war. He fills the Horse with candy instead of soldiers, which ends up displeasing the King anyway.

Otto tries to get Sinon to attack the King, telling him to put soldiers inside the horse. Sinon next builds a wooden giraffe for the King, but fills it with chocolate soldiers instead of real ones, still wanting it to be a gift. The King is displeased again since he hates chocolate. Finally, Sinon builds a giant wooden soldier and fills it with wild Spanish horses, which end up destroying Troy just as effectively as real soldiers.

In HistoryEdit

In history, the Trojan Horse was created by the Greek army and filled with Greek soldiers before being pushed to the gates of Troy. Sinon pretended to betray the Greeks by telling the Trojans that the Horse was made to honor Athena, therefore it would give the owner of the Horse good luck in battle. The Trojans believed Sinon, and took the Horse into the city. When the Greeks attacked from inside of the Horse at night, Troy fell and the Greeks won the Trojan War.

According to OttoEdit

"We're smack dab in the middle of witnessing the Greeks defeat the Trojans!"
"Man, those guys are in for a surprise. When they open up that horse, it's gonna be filled with the Greek army! They're gonna get clobbered!"