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The Prime Minister Has No Clothes
Season 1, Episode 10a
Episode20 Title
Mission 5Z588
Historical Figure/Event Winston Churchill
Time 1941
Place Great Britain
Aired September 28, 2001
Storyboards by Kurt Dumas
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Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister who led England through World War II, is also leading everyone into being naked — including Larry. However, only after realizing how ugly he is without clothes, does Winston decide to change his mind.


On the satellite, Time Squad is watching some of Larry’s videos from past missions. Tuddrussel is upset when footage of him singing in the bathroom is shown, and the History Instability Alarm goes off. The team sees that Winston Churchill is the next mission and heads off.

The team arrives in London, but something is strange about the city. Otto looks around and panics, seeing that everyone is naked. The team then sees Churchill giving a speech to inspire people. Otto awkwardly tries to praise Churchill’s speech, but then asks him where his pants are. Churchill explains that the war is a battle for freedom, which includes the freedom to wear nothing. Tuddrussel and Otto disagree, but Larry is moved, realizing that he is naked as well. Churchill says being naked is liberating and fun, and he and Larry take off in a motorcycle. Otto and Tuddrussel try to keep up on another motorcycle, but fail.

Churchill then invites Time Squad to see his troops, who are miserable because they keep stubbing their toes on rocks while they march. Otto says the British may have a chance at winning with an air force, but the pilots are all freezing. Even the Royal Navy must work naked, and the men have no pockets to carry things in.

Otto is relieved when he sees Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stalin arrive, hoping they will straighten Churchill out, but the two world leaders think Churchill’s idea is fun and go to join him. They all go to Churchill’s “Naked Barbecue,” where Larry calls everyone together for a movie. The footage is all from the places Larry went with Churchill, which Churchill enjoys. Churchill then asks who the man is “with the gigantic butt,” and Larry says it was him.

This startles Churchill, who exclaims that he looks so indecent, and he starts to clothe himself, telling FDR and Stalin to do the same. Otto congratulates a dejected Larry on saving the mission, and Tuddrussel demands that Larry start wearing pants. Larry refuses, and a chase based on The Benny Hill Show ensues where Otto, Tuddrussel, Stalin, FDR, and Churchill chase Larry.

Trivia Edit

  • The footage from Larry's video at the beginning of the episode includes scenes from "Dishonest Abe" and "To Hail With Caesar."
  • Tuddrussel gets mad at Larry when he wants to "talk British," but Larry already had a British accent. (This probably is just because of British modes of speech like "Indeed.")
  • Time Squad arrives in 1941, but a newspaper boy claims that Germans invaded Poland, which happened in 1939.
  • Churchill's speech is based on his actual speech "We shall fight on the beaches," (from 1940) except he adds "and above all, we shall fight without clothes on."
  • When Larry announces he has a movie to watch, Churchill says he hopes it's a "talkie," the retired term for a movie with audible speech.
  • In this episode Larry claims he's naked, although he never typically wears clothes anyways.