The Battle of Bunker Hill

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June 17, 1775

The Battle of Bunker Hill was a battle that took place in Boston in 1775, when colonial forces confronted the advancing British army near Breed's Hill. This event is seen briefly in "Recruitment."

The episode begins with a scene from the battle, and George Washington and his men are surrounded and about to lose to the British. A Time Squad Officer appears suddenly with his robot and he chases the British away with his laser. Washington then thanks the officer, saying that he helped ensure the future of America.

In HistoryEdit

The Battle of Bunker Hill occured when colonial forces heard that the British army was planning to surround Boston. The colonists started setting up defenses, and the British confronted them around Breed's Hill. The battle ended in a technical victory for the British, but they ended up with higher casualties. The battle was named for the nearby Bunker Hill because that was where the attack was supposed to happen.



  • The battle was portrayed in the episode on Bunker Hill, but was actually on Breed's Hill.
  • George Washington was never in the Battle of Bunker Hill.
  • The colonists did not win the battle, but Time Squad made it so they did.