Sheila Sternwell is a lieutenant among the Time Squad ranks and serves alongside her robotic partner, XJ5. She debuts in "Kubla Khan't," and appears in "Nobel Peace Surprise" and "Ex Marks the Spot."


Sheila is an agile woman dressed in the standard Time Squad uniform— a white and black suit with a black mask and yellow goggles. She has red hair styled in a ponytail and wears pink lipstick.


Sheila is efficient, knowledgeable, and experienced at her job. Her seriousness and hardworking nature moved her up in the Time Squad ranks from officer to lieutenant (although she regards this position as unimpressive since it involves more paperwork).

Despite her strict attitude, Sheila does bend the rules a bit, especially when it comes to Otto. In each of her three appearances, she chooses to keep Otto out of her report for his sake, since Tuddrussel and Larry technically abducted him. In "Kubla Khan't," she shows her leniency when she tells Tuddrussel she will "think about" keeping the details about his laser gun out of her report, even though it completely compromised the mission.

Roles in episodesEdit

In "Kubla Khan't," Sheila and XJ5 are called as backup when Tuddrussel is captured and sentenced to be executed by Kublai Khan's guards.

In "Nobel Peace Surprise," Sheila and XJ5 arrive to check in on Alfred Nobel, one of their past missions. They find that he is still evil, and both Time Squad teams are trapped in his mansion until Otto convinces him to change.

In "Ex Marks the Spot," Sheila and XJ5 find Johannes Gutenberg and switch him with Joan of Arc, who is with Tuddrussel's unit. After Tuddrussel is beaten up, Sheila asks him if he is okay, and offers to eat dinner with him. This worries Larry, who thinks that if the two fall in love again, Tuddrussel would abandon him.


  • Sheila took Tuddrussel's last name when they got married, but changed it back to Sternwell after their divorce.