Season 1, Episode 7b
Mission n/a
Historical Figure/Event n/a
Aired July 20, 2001
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Recruitment is a short episode that serves as a recruitment advertisement for Time Squad, showcasing the thrills of being a time cop.

The Battle of Bunker Hill, Vikings, World War I, Saber Tooth Tigers, World War II's battle of Iwo Jima, The Wild West, Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, and Annie Oakley are featured in this episode.


The episode begins with the Battle of Bunker Hill, where George Washington and his men are about to lose to the British. Suddenly, a flash appears, and a man with a robot emerges. The man shoots a laser and scares off the British. Washington then thanks the man and asks what unit he is from. The man is revealed to be a Time Squad officer, and a montage is shown to advertise being a Time Squad cop. 

World War I, Vikings, saber-toothed tigers, World War II's battle of Iwo Jima, The Wild West, mountain climbing, Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Annie Oakley, and Genghis Khan are shown as the announcer talks about the action, time travel, technology, and food that comes with the job. A song plays during this commercial.

Song LyricsEdit

There is a winner, there is a dream

of living your life to the extreme.

You're gonna win; you're not gonna lose

when Time Squad is the life that you choose.

It's a feeling that won't let you down.

With Time Squad, the best squad around!

Reach for the top, don't be a moocher.

Time Squad!

Enforcing the past to protect our future!


Trivia Edit

  • None of the main characters make an appearance in this episode. However, the Time Squad unit featured does bear resemblance to Tuddrussel and the Larry 3000.
  • This episode is a parody of 1980s action cartoons. This is why the animation in this episode is unlike that of any other episode.
  • George Washington was never in the Battle of Bunker Hill.
  • George Washington's voice in this episode is different from his normal voice.
  • Cleopatra and Genghis Khan appear in later episodes.
  • There is no title screen for this episode.
  • The robot in the Time Squad unit also has some resemblances to XJ5.


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