Peter Cartwright
Peter Cartwright

Historical Position

Legislator, Methodist Revivalist


Presidential Candidate

Appeared in

Where the Buffalo Bill Roams

Voiced by

Mark Hamill

Peter Cartwright was an American Methodist revivalist and politician from the 1800's. He appears briefly in "Where the Buffalo Bill Roams."

In the episode, the conspiracy theorist Buffalo Bill shares his belief that President Lincoln won a Presidential Debate over Cartwright with the use of mind-control powers. The scene featuring Cartwright and Lincoln shows Cartwright promising to raise taxes "sky-high" after Lincoln controls him, making him extremely unpopular to the voters. He subsequently loses the election to Lincoln.


Cartwright wears a black suit over a white shirt and a maroon buttoned vest. He also wears a black tie. Cartwright has short white hair and a slight hunch.

In HistoryEdit

Peter Cartwright was a famous Methodist, but he was also a legislator in Illinois. He never historically ran for president, but he did lose a seat in Congress to Lincoln.