(Michel de Nostredame)


Historical Position

French Apothecary and Seer



Appeared in

If It's Wright It's Wrong

Voiced by

Brian Hamilton

Michel de Nostredame was a seer from the 16th century who has written several prophecies. He appears briefly in "If It's Wright It's Wrong."

In the episode, Larry is showing Otto clips of Tuddrussel's worst moment as a Time Squad officer, and Nostradamus appears as one of the missions. Tuddrussel is seen giving Nostradamus a ticket for making "bogus predictions," which Nostradamus is actually supposed to make. Nostradmus is French, so he does not understand Tuddrussel and asks him what he did in French, making Tuddrussel write him another ticket, this one being for "profanity." Nostradamus is still confused and asks for a ticket written in French, and Tuddrussel decides to arrest him. 


Nostradamus wears a navy blue robe with a navy blue hat. He is a short, skinny man with a long white beard.


He seems to be respectful towards officials like Tuddrussel, and he is doing his job as a seer, but anything else is unknown.

In HistoryEdit

Nostradamus was an apothecary and seer from France. He is famous for his book of prophecies, Les Propheties, from which many major world events have been claimed to have been identified.



  • Time Squad has met several other historical French people, but they all spoke English with French accents. Nostradamus is the only French historical person Time Squad meets (other than Napoleon) who doesn't speak English as well.
  • Larry should have been able to translate Nostradamus for Tuddrussel since he was programmed to speak so many languages.