Mrs. Big Al



Appeared in

Big Al's Big Secret

Voiced by

Jodi Carlisle

Mrs. Big Al is the fictional wife of Albert Einstein. She appears in "Big Al's Big Secret."

In the episode, Einstein pretends to be a Texan car salesman named "Big Al," and is married to Mrs. Big Al, who has no idea that he is actually a math genius. She believes that Otto was talking to Big Al for his autograph, pleased that he is such a "superstar." When Einstein reveals himself to everyone, Mrs. Big Al is shocked just like them, but is not shown to be angry like them. When everyone admits how smart they actually are, Mrs. Big Al excitedly cries out that she knows fun facts about igneous rocks. She is later seen with Einstein as he accepts the Nobel Peace Prize.


Mrs. Big Al is a very tall, Texan woman with curly red hair. She wears a blue t-shirt with a small pink scarf and brown pants, but also wears more pricey accessories like large diamond earrings and bracelets. She wears purple eye shadow and pink lipstick. She also has a mole on her left cheek, and her nails are long and pink.


Mrs. Big Al is clearly proud of "Big Al" because he is so rich and popular. She seems to enjoy her wealth as a result of being married to him, but doesn't seem to be the shallow type. When she finds out Einstein is a genius, she is shocked, but accepts him, hugging him and coming with him to accept his Nobel Peace Prize.