Meriwether Lewis

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Lewis and Clark and Larry

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Gregg Berger

Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) was an American explorer, famous for being part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the early 1800's.

In the Show Edit

He appears in "Lewis and Clark and Larry". In the episode, Clark has grown tired of exploring with Lewis, so he breaks up their relatioinship in a fashion similar to that of a dating couple. Lewis is heartbroken, but is comforted by Larry, who's then invited to explore with him while Otto and Tuddrussel look for Clark. While Clark seems to have no adventuring skills, Lewis has brought all of the necessary provisions for his trip with Larry, and the two are having a peaceful adventure while discovering several notable landmarks. Lewis later finds a frustrated Clark who admits that he needs Lewis, much to his delight, and the two are ready to explore together again.

Appearance Edit

Lewis is a tall man with brown hair, and wears a typical explorer's outfit, wearing a white shirt, brown pants and boots, and a blue vest and cap. He wears a light orange scarf and carries a brown satchel.

Personality Edit

Despite being an excellent adventurer, Lewis is completely dependent on having Clark as an exploring partner. He treasures his friendship with Clark, telling him tearfully that he gave the best years of his life to him. While he appreciates Larry's company when Clark leaves, it's clear later that he didn't care for Larry much at all, not even coming to his aid when Clark punches him. 

In Real HistoryEdit

Meriwether Lewis was an American Explorer, soldier and politician, most famous for adventuring with William Clark on the expedition through the Louisiana Purchase to establish trade with the natives near the Missouri River before European nations. He was an aide of President Thomas Jefferson, who appointed him as Governor of Upper Louisiana in 1806.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being best friends, Lewis and Clark only address each other by their last names.