Lady Godiva

Historical Position

English Noblewoman


English Noblewoman

Appeared in

If It's Wright It's Wrong

Lady Godiva was an English noblewoman from the 11th Century, famous for riding naked through Coventry to get taxes lowered for others. She appears briefly in "If It's Wright It's Wrong."

In the episode, Larry is showing Otto clips of Tuddrussel's worst moment as a Time Squad officer, and Lady Godiva appears as one of the missions. Tuddrussel is seen chasing after her and her horse, asking her to put on some clothes. He cites her for indecent exposure, and when he can't catch up to her horse, he calls for backup with his radio. He then calls Larry, who is filming the whole thing, but Larry gets knocked over by the horse. 


Lady Godiva has long, blonde hair, and is not seen wearing clothes.


Unknown, as she has no speaking role.

In HistoryEdit

Lady Godiva was an English noblewoman from Coventry who was married to an Earl. The Earl was cruelly taxing the people of Coventry, and would only agree to lower the taxes if Lady Godiva would ride naked through the streets. This is what Lady Godiva did, after telling the people to stay indoors during her ride.



  • Since Lady Godiva was riding around on her horse, she should have been historically accurate. However, it is possible that she needed Time Squad because she was not riding through the streets.