King David
King David's Slingshot

Historical Position

King of United Kingdom of Israel

Mentioned in

Never Look a Trojan in the Gift Horse

King David was the second King of the United Kingdom of Israel, and his reign started from around 1010 BCE. He was mentioned briefly in "Never Look a Trojan in the Gift Horse," but barely explained.

In the episode, Tuddrussel was showing Otto some of his souvenirs from his past missions. Tuddrussel's favorite souvenir was "Young King David's Slingshot." Otto was confused about this, and asked Tuddrussel how King David defeated Goliath without the slingshot. Tuddrussel's confusion at this suggests that he didn't really understand the significance of the slingshot when he stole it. King David probably had to find another slingshot to use against Goliath, or perhaps Tuddrussel stole the slingshot after the battle.