Killing Time
Season 1, Episode 7c
Episode15 Title
Mission YJ424
Historical Figure/Event Nicolaus Copernicus
Time 1520
Place Poland
Aired July 20, 2001
Directed by Dave Wasson
Written by Michael Karnow, Carlos Ramos, and Dave Wasson
Storyboards by Mary Hanley
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Synopsis Edit

The Time Squad finishes a relatively easy assignment in helping Nicolaus Copernicus become an astronomer instead of a farmer, but the crew ends up waiting until the Larry 3000 can restart his time travel software in order for them to go home. After they finally leave, Copernicus realizes that he knows nothing about astronomy.


The Time Squad arrives in Poland, circa 1520, where Copernicus is seen farming. Tuddrussel starts listing the physical traits of Copernicus to find him, and Otto spots him immediately. Otto goes up to him and tells him that he is supposed to be an astronomer, and that he discovers that the Earth revolves around the Sun. Copernicus is amazed and says he will get right on that. He goes into his house, and Larry declares the mission accomplished. The team is ready to go back, but Larry's equipment fizzles and he says they can't return yet because his time transporter software crashed. The team then has to wait 3 minutes for it to reboot.

The team is left in an awkward silence, with each character trying to make small talk to pass the time. Medieval Poland proves to be a quiet and plain place, making the wait even more boring. Larry finally starts to program his equipment to return, and the team leaves. Once everyone is gone, Copernicus suddenly comes running back, asking what the Sun is.


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  • This is the shortest episode of Time Squad.