Joseph Stalin

Historical Position

Leader of the Soviet Union


Leader of the Soviet Union

Appeared in

The Prime Minister Has No Clothes

Voiced by

Daran Norris

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1952. He is mentioned briefly in "Dishonest Abe" and appears in "The Prime Minister Has No Clothes."

In "Dishonest Abe," Tuddrussel wonders who America's 16th President was, and mentions Stalin as one of his ideas.

In "The Prime Minister Has No Clothes," Stalin and Franklin D. Roosevelt come to England to talk with Winston Churchill, who is a nudist. Otto begs the two to help him with Churchill, but they both decide to become nudists as well. They play ping pong at Churchill's barbecue until he demands they put their clothes back on. He and Roosevelt then join in the chase to get Larry to wear pants.


Stalin is tall, and he wears a green military uniform with a matching officer's hat. His uniform has red trim and his shoulders have stars on them. Stalin's hair is gray, and his eyes can't be seen under his single eyebrow. He has a long pointed nose and a large gray mustache.

When Churchill realizes how indecent everyone looks naked and demands they wear clothes again, he gives Stalin blue bermuda shorts with light blue flowers, sandals, a visor, sunglasses, and a camera, making him look like a tourist.


Stalin visits Churchill during World War II, at a time when the Soviet Union was allied with the US and Great Britain. He is depicted as being very friendly to his allies, as he is eager to go to Churchill's barbecue and plays ping pong with Roosevelt while there. In this episode, he has no animosity towards England or America, unlike in the Cold War.

In HistoryEdit

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union a bit after World War I ended. His leadership improved the USSR's economy and power, but also was responsible for the deaths of millions. He was neutral when World War II started because of a treaty with Germany, but joined the Allies in 1941 when Germany launched a surprise attack against the Soviet Union. He, the American President, and Churchill were together known as the "Big Three" because they were the leaders of the strongest countries at the time.