Joseph Haydn

Historical Position

"Father of the Symphony"


Professional Wrestler

Appeared in

Ludwig Van Bone-Crusher

Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer from the 1700's. He appears as a composer-turned-wrestler in "Ludwig Van Bone-Crusher."

In the episode, Haydn is one of the classical composers who followed Beethoven in becoming a professional wrestler, probably to get more attention from their fans. He goes by the wrestling name of "Josef Caveman Haydn," and wears a caveman's leotard while wielding a club to fight with. He is seen as Beethoven's first opponent and Tuddrussel's second opponent, and is easily defeated each time.


Haydn has a sturdy, muscular build. He appears to be bald and has a pointed nose. He fights bare-foot in a caveman outfit.

In HistoryEdit

Joseph Haydn was an Austrian music director who wrote his own symphonies for his orchestras. He was known to be friends with Mozart and a mentor to Beethoven.