Henry Ford

Historical Position

Inventor of Model T Automobile

Mentioned in

Napoleon the Conquered

Henry Ford was the inventor of the Model T Ford, the first car that many Americans could afford, from the late 1800's and early 1900's. He is mentioned briefly in "Napoleon the Conquered."

In the episode, Larry is explaining Time Squad's Mission to Otto, explaining that time eventually unravels itself. He gives an example by describing the possibility that a dodo bird could, instead of becoming extinct, end up attacking Henry Ford as a child. In this scenario, it's possible that Ford would end up too traumatized to create the Model T, which was needed to advance to solar-powered hover cars in the future, demonstrating the need for Time Squad to straighten things out.

In HistoryEdit

Henry Ford was an American businessman who created the Model T Ford. He was the very successful founder of the Ford Motor Company.