Gioachino Rossini

Historical Position

Italian Composer of Operas and Piano


Professional Wrestler

Appeared in

Ludwig Van Bone-Crusher

Gioachino Rossini was an Italian composer from the 1800's. He appears as a composer-turned-wrestler in "Ludwig Van Bone-Crusher."

In the episode, Rossini is one of the composers who followed Beethoven in becoming a professional wrestler. He goes by the wrestling name of "Rossini the Swami" and wears an Arabian outfit when wrestling. He has presumably been defeated by Beethoven already, and is Tuddrussel's first opponent and victory.


Rossini is a very round man dressed in Arabic clothing to appear like a Swami. He wears small, pointed shoes, purple pants, a pink belt tied around his waist, a small purple vest, and a pink turban. He has round cheeks, a black goatee, and a thick eyebrow. 


Unknown, as he has no speaking role.

In HistoryEdit

Gioachino Rossini wrote 39 operas as well as music for the piano. He learned to sing, write, and play music from a very early age, and was inspired by Haydn and Mozart.