Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan

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Mongolian Emperor


Retired Emperor and Conqueror

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Kubla Khan't

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Genghis Khan was a Mongolian ruler who conquered places in Asia and Europe in the 13th century. He appears briefly in "Recruitment"  and in "Kubla Khan't."

In "Recruitment," Genghis Khan is seen being arrested by the Time Squad Officer, indicating that he might have done something that wasn't historically accurate. (This was probably just to show that Time Squad can arrest villains, since there is no evidence that he did anything wrong.)

In "Kubla Khan't,"  Kublai Khan is a comic book nerd who prefers collecting comics to conquering other nations. This angers his grandfather, Genghis Khan, who thinks comics are insignificant, and he scolds Kublai, but is ignored.


In "Recruitment," Genghis Khan is young and muscular. He wears a dark green armor, brown fur boots, and a gold helmet with feathers. He has a thin black mustache.

In "Kubla Khan't,"  Genghis Khan is a tall, elderly man dressed in traditional armor that is black, teal, gold, and red. He wears a black helmet and walks with a black cane. He has a thin white mustache, and he has several teeth missing.


Genghis Khan is only seen interacting with Kublai Khan and is depicted as a nagging, disappointed grandparent. He tells Kublai that when he was his age, he had conquered much more, and that comics are a waste of time. Clearly, he feels that Kublai is ignoring the values that created his empire, and that Kublai is too thick-headed to listen.

In HistoryEdit

Genghis Khan was a Mongolian Emperor who created the Mongol Empire. He is famous for conquering many countries in Asia and Europe with his massive army.