Franklin D. Roosevelt

Historical Position

America's 32nd President



Appeared in

The Prime Minister Has No Clothes

Voiced by

Daran Norris

Franklin D. Roosevelt (or FDR) was the 32nd President of the United States of America. He appears in "The Prime Minister Has No Clothes."

In the episode, FDR and Stalin come to England to talk with Churchill, who is a nudist. Otto begs the two to help him with Churchill, but they both decide to become nudists as well. They play ping-pong at Churchill's "Naked Barbecue" until he demands they put their clothes back on. He and Stalin then join in the chase to get Larry to wear pants. 


FDR is crippled, so he has to use a wheelchair to get around. He wears glasses and a blue striped suit with a black tie. He has white hair, a large chin and carries a pipe.

When Churchill realizes how indecent everyone looks naked and demands that they wear clothes again, he gives FDR a gray parka with brown gloves and boots, along with a long spear, making him look like an eskimo.


FDR is a very easy-going man, amused at what Churchill is doing and eager to go to his "Naked Barbecue." He plays a game of ping-pong with Stalin while there. When Stalin accidentally hits his face, he laughs and says "Oh Stalin, you stinker." Like Stalin, he is disappointed when Churchill says to wear clothes again.

In HistoryEdit

Franklin D. Roosevelt was America's 32nd President, famous for creating government programs that helped to relieve the effects of the Great Depression. He was elected 4 times because of his popularity. He contracted polio some time before becoming President, and the effects paralyzed him from the waist down, restricting him to use a wheelchair.