Boston Tea Party

Appeared in

Tea Time for Time Squad

Date occured

December 16, 1773

The Boston Tea Party is the name of a protest of the Sons of Liberty against the taxes on tea set forth by King George III in 1773. This event takes place in the episode "Tea Time for Time Squad."

In the episode, Time Squad arrives and realizes that the Sons of Liberty are civilized instead of radical rebels, so the goal is to encourage them to act in the Boston Tea Party. The Sons hate violence, and they sneak away from Time Squad to have a tea party, so it seems that they will never protest the King's taxes, and America may never be formed. 

Otto then gets an idea to give the Sons coffee instead of tea. The caffeine in the coffee energizes the Sons and turns them into hooligans, so they are eager to let off their energy by protesting against the King. They all dress up as Native Americans and leave for the Boston Tea Party.

In HistoryEdit

In history, the Boston Tea Party was the protest of the Sons of Liberty against the heavy tea tax set by the British government. The colonists dressed as Native Americans and boarded the ships in the harbor that held tea and dumped them into Boston Harbor. This act led to the establishment of the Intolerable Acts, which eventually led to the American Revolutionary War.


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