Annie Oakley

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American Sharpshooter

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Annie Oakley was an American exhibition shooter from the late 1800's and early 1900's. She appears very briefly in "Recruitment."

The episode is a commercial promoting the life of a time cop. Annie Oakley appears as one of the historical women who appear to be attracted to the Time Squad Officer.


Oakley wears a buttoned red shirt and cowgirl gear. She has red hair styled into pigtails. She has freckles and an energetic appearance, and she carries a hand gun.


Unknown, as she has no speaking role. However, she appears to be attracted to the Time Squad Officer.

In HistoryEdit

Annie Oakley was one of the most famous exhibition shooters. Her talent earned her a place on Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, making her extremely popular.



  • Annie Oakley got married at 16 years old, so she had to be even younger than that when she met the Time Squad Officer.
  • Oakley was a star on a show by Buffalo Bill, who appears on a later episode, although the two are never mentioned together.